4 Activities to Keep Your Toddler Busy

Your toddler is constantly on the go. As much as you love watching your curious and exploratory toddler, it can be exhausting trying to keep up!

If you take your eyes off of your your son or daughter for so much as a second they could get into something dangerous, rip up a book, throw toys at their siblings, find a choking hazard, or make a mess.

Today, I am going to share a few safe and fun activities to keep your toddler engaged.


4. Playdough

 Toddlers can have endless amounts of fun playing with playdough! What’s not to love? They can shape it or mold it into whatever shape their hearts desire.

But a
s you know, toddlers like to explore things with their mouths and dough is no exception. It could be dangerous, unsanitary, and icky for toddlers to play with store bought dough, so make sure the play dough is baby safe.  Search up some DIY homemade play dough to make for your little one.


3. Puzzles



Go out and purchase those huge block puzzles! You know how satisfying it is to connect puzzle pieces? Your toddler will feel the same way about these educational toys.

They’ll be independently learning more about shapes, patters and sizes.  You'll be able to see the little cogs spinning in their head as they try to piece things together, and the sense of accomplishment as that last piece is laid down is priceless!


2. Bubbles


  Bubbles are so much fun! These translucent orbs are so entertaining to watch. Where will the breeze take them? When will they pop? Can I catch a bubble? 

Blow some bubbles and see your toddler’s wide eyed gaze follow the bubbles as they reach out to touch them.But if bubbles don’t strike their fancy, move on to the next activity. 


1. Water Activities 



Have you noticed how your toddler can be entertained for what seems like hours when they’re splashing around in the water? Fill a large bin with water and let them splash around.

No matter how shallow the water-filled bin, make sure to closely watch your child the entire time. See what happens if you fill up a squirt gun. Who knows, maybe you’ll be amused as well. 


I hope you enjoyed this blog on ways to keep your toddler busy. Watching your child splash around, play with playdough or puzzles, and blow bubbles will warm your heart.

Your smile will be as big as your toddler's! Make sure take plenty of pictures and video to capture these precious moments with your little one.

If you've tried one of the activities, we'd love to hear from you in a comment below. Also, if there are any other activities that you enjoy doing with your toddler, please share with us in the comments below.  We'd love to hear your stories.

LouLou Lollipop

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