5 Memorable Things to Do in Your Baby’s First Year

First of all, I want to congratulate you on becoming a mom! Taking care of a newborn is no easy task. I know you have a lot on your plate right now (diapering, shopping, breastfeeding, coddling, and trying to get a wink of sleep in between) but you will not want to overlook certain moments in your baby’s life.

In today's blog post, I will be sharing few ways to make the most out of your baby’s fist year. You will never get these years back, so it’s important to document and create lasting memories!

5. Stuffed Animal



Pick out a fuzzy stuffed animal and present it to your newborn. (Make sure it does not contain any detachable choking hazards!) They’ll love to hug and play with this furry toy.

Not only will it look adorable in photos, but it could also be a useful coping tool. When your child is sad, they may learn to soothe themselves with this familiar toy. Do you remember having a nightmare as a child and clutching your stuffed animal until you calmed down enough to fall back to sleep?

I am very thankful that my mom gave me a stuffed animal bunny in infancy. What are you waiting for? Go pick out a cute stuffed animal for your baby!

4. Photos and Videos

In this digital age, you might think that you could never have enough videos and photos of your child. It’s so easy to pull out your phone and snap a pic. Our parents had to make a real effort to get out the recorder and then convert the material onto a DVD.

Still, make sure to actually capture the best moments. You are lucky that it’s easier and more accessible to document your baby’s milestones, but make sure to back up your videos and photos!

What if you lose your phone? What if you drop it? What if your newborn spits up on it? All your photos from the last two years may be at risk. If you store everything, you’re in great shape! Don’t forget to take some photos of yourself with your baby.

3. Make a Scrapbook



If you’re like me, you might have a hard time finding photos. You might be thinking “what year was it? How old what my child? What vacation were we on?”

When you make a scrapbook, you’ll have all of this information in one tangible place. You don’t have to scroll through all of your other photos to find the right ones. Plus, your child will be thankful that you took the time to make this scrapbook.

Get crafty and creative! Get copies of the pictures, cut them out, glue them down, and have fun with it!

2. Travel



You might be thinking “why should I travel with my kid? It’s a huge hassle and they won’t even remember it!” But wait, you’re having an adventure with your new family! That’s priceless!

It will help your well-being to get away from your own neighborhood and see the world with your little one. You don’t have to go far to see new horizons!

Whether you want to travel the world or explore nearby, take your baby outdoors to see some breathtaking destinations.

1. Sew a Quilt



Is it hard for you to watch your child grow out of certain sentimental clothes? Or maybe the articles of clothing are just too darn cute to throw out! If you like sewing, you could sew a quilt.

Your baby can use it as a blanket to keep warm or you can hang it up on their wall. This fun project can help you get your creative juices flowing. It may be a peaceful time of stillness during a hectic day.

If your mom sewed a quilt for you, you can ask her for some tips! It could be a great way to bond with Mom.


When your child grows up they will appreciate that you took the time to document their young lives. You made it so easy for them to glimpse back at their tiny selves. Plus, you’ll love looking back at these memories as well.

Don’t forget to savor all of the memories of your baby’s life. They grow up so quickly, right? I hope you enjoyed this blog on ways to make the most of your baby’s first year.

Loulou Lollipop

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