Party Tips & Tricks for Baby's First Birthday

Happy birthday to your baby! Turning one year old is a big deal. It’s a very special time for parent and child. You’ll remember your child’s first birthday party for the rest of your life.

You want to throw an amazing party, right? Today, I will share a few tips that will turn your party from good to great. You’ve been a great Mom all year. Now, it’s time to have some fun.

5. Theme



Themed parties always seem to stand out the most. There are so many adorably cute party ideas. From dinosaurs to Disney, there’s something out there that will surely resonate with you.

You could throw a Curious George Party, an Alice in
ONEderland party, or a Teddy Bear party. If your baby already seems to like bouncy balls, you could have a ball themed party or a sports-related birthday party.

If your baby was born in the summer, you could celebrate outside!

4. Keep It On the Short Side



Just because your baby is having fun one minute, it is not necessarily an indicator that they want to party all night long! Remember, babies have short attention spans.

I get it; you want the party to last more than a few moments. After all, you put of time, energy, and money into this party.  You and your baby will be happier in the long run if you keep your party at about two hours.

3. Ask For Help



You should not by any means throw this party all by yourself (unless you want to!) It can be tough to keep your eye on your baby while also being a good host. Ask your partner, parent, or sitter to come along to this party as well.

You’ll be glad to have the extra helping hands and pair of eyes. Plus, you might be able to enjoy yourself a bit more if all of the parental and hosting duties do not fall solely on your shoulders.

2. Baby-Proof Zone



Make sure to baby-proof the birthday party space. If you’re throwing it at your house, this might be a less daunting task. However, if you’re throwing it somewhere else, you need to do some work beforehand to make sure it’s safe.

Make sure there are no sharp corners or electrical sockets around. Set up chairs so parents can rest as they chaperone. Check out all of the items that come to the party to make sure there are no choking hazards. If a baby has an allergy, you need to alert all partygoers.

1. BFFS Only



You don’t have to invite everyone that makes your baby smile. It’s too difficult to accommodate everyone. Don’t feel bad that you can’t invite every single child at school.

Intimate gatherings can be more meaningful anyway. If you’re trying to budget, having a smaller get-together might save you some bucks.


I hope you and your loved ones have an amazing time celebrating your baby’s first year. You want it to be unforgettable, but you also want it to be safe.

Still, you don’t want to spend too much time and money on it to the point that you feel stressed out. Try not to get overwhelmed! Remember, this is supposed to be fun! Enjoy your party!

LouLou Lollipop

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