How to Accept your Post-Pregnancy Bodies

If you’re struggling to see the beauty in your body in the first year after giving birth, you’re not alone. Mothers are bombarded with the notion that they need to “lose the baby weight.” Instead of telling you to get a gym membership, I’m going to take a different approach.

The theme of this blog is self-love. All we crave in life is to look in the mirror and like what we see, right? You can do that by changing your body or changing the way you think about your body. Instead of doing burpees until you pass out, read this blog. Maybe you’ll begin to see your body in a new light.


4. Mantras


Every morning when you wake up, remind yourself that you’re a goddess, superhero, and miracle worker. After all, your body just nourished and was home to a human being for a good part of this past year! That’s pretty miraculous.

When you say these positive self-affirmations with consistency, you’re reinforcing the idea that you’re amazing and beautiful. Even if you don’t believe it now, you’ll begin to believe it soon.


      3. Reinvest your Energy

You know all of that time you that you spend thinking about portion control and counting your calories? You could be using that time to think about literally anything else – finishing that project, how much you love the new family you've been blessed with, those funny characters in the book you’re reading, or working on something meaningful.

Don’t waste your mental real estate on trivial things. Isn’t it sad that women relate to each other most in collective self-loathing of our bodies? Think about what we could accomplish if we spent less time focusing on our diets and more time focusing on our ambitions.


     2. Say No to Diet Culture    

Research diet culture and how it’s a moneymaking scheme is meant to shame women. We are all set up to fail with these yo-yo diets. We are bombarded with images of ultra thin women. Somewhere in youth, we were brainwashed and made to believe that looking this way is the epitome of beauty.

Are we all expected to look like photo edited celebrities that we find in magazines? It’s sad and outrageous that women are made to feel fat and ugly in the world; especially new mothers. Don’t let diet culture tarnish your celebration! You’ve just introduced a new bundle of joy into your family! Guard this precious and sacred event in your life.

Ask yourself this “Do I want my new baby to be enslaved to the diet culture the way I am?” No! Set a good example. Practice self-acceptance.


   1. Exercise

I only recommend exercising once you’ve fully accepted your bodies. After all, you can be a work of art and a work in progress at the same time. Striving for self-improvement is completely natural. If you talked about it with your doctor, consider introducing an exercise regimen that brings you joy.

Exercise has the potential to dramatically improve your physical and mental health. You don’t have to go crazy. A few light movements a few times a week can really make a difference.Unless your doctor has told you that your weight is causing a health issue, you’re fine! Post-pregnancy weight is normal.


The last thing you need to be worrying about right now is how to get rid of a little bit of fat! Go be your amazing selves. Work on loving yourself inside and out so your baby grows up with a healthy body image despite our society’s craze with image and vanity.

Know of any other tips that can help new moms?  Please tell us in the comments below!


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