How to Raise a Confident Child

You want your kid to grow up with a healthy amount of self-esteem. Rather than cower away from the challenges of life, you hope they'll be able to find their inner strength.

Today, I will be sharing a few tips on how to raise a confident child. Be sure to recognize that as a parent, you play a huge role in building your child’s confidence. With the help of these tips, your child will be able to rise to his or her fullest potential and be the best that he or she can be!


5. Do Not Praise Intelligence, Praise Effort

When you say things like “you’re so smart,” when your child gets a good grade on a test, rather than “good job! You studied so hard,” it can lead to issues down the road. What happens when your kid studied really hard but gets a poor grade?

What happens when they rehearse their lines every afternoon but still fumble over their words during the play? It’s about effort, not about the end goal. Compliment their passion and hard work so they can blossom into individuals that are bubbling with confidence.


4. Let your Child Figure it Out for Themselves

When your toddler spills apple juice on the table, you might think “well, it’s easier if I clean it up myself. They’ll just make more of a mess if they try to clean it up.” Even if it’s an added hassle to let your child try to clean up their own mess, it will help them feel more capable down the road.

Instead of doing their science project for them or giving them the answers to their homework, help them understand the concepts. This will allow them to feel as if they can independently take on the challenges of life. 


3. Failure is Not a Disaster

Help your child understand that it is normal to fail at something before you can become good at it. They aren’t going to be able to skateboard, understand geometry, ride horseback, or speak Spanish on the first few tries.

It takes practice, effort, and numerous failures. Encourage the attitude that failure will make them stronger. Success is just a series of failures.  They need to keep at it rather than give up.


2. Teach your Child your Own Personal Talents

Dig deeper into your own passions and interests. Then, teach your child how to do it too! If you love poetry, read a poem to your child every night to nurture this interest. If you’re a tennis pro, get your kid a racquet.

It’s important to let your child cultivate their own interests and become their own person; however, it won’t hurt to have some fun with your kid doing something that you love. Who knows? Maybe they’ll grow up to love it too! When you start from a young age, your kid will grow up with confidence in their talents.


1. Encourage Curiosity

When your child seeks out a new interest, encourage them to discover more. It takes courage to try new things. If your kid has never played a sport, but wants to try out for the football team, tell them that they’re brave. Sometimes kids need the
validation from their parents before they actually commit to their budding interest.

Nudge them in the direction of trying new things, so they develop a natural curiosity to the world. You don’t want your child to grow up with a fear of trying new things.

I hope you’re able to utilize the tips from this blog to help your child grow up to be a confident young adult. As kids, our parents can either encourage us to be more confident or unintentionally dissuade us to be a bit more fearful.


Of course, there are many other variables when it comes to building confidence. Still, parental encouragement is a huge factor. Do everything you can to help nurture confidence in them, so your child can have a happy and fruitful life.


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