How to Seek Support After Pregnancy

If you’ve recently had a child and you’re looking for some help, this blog post may give you some pointers.

First of all, I want to congratulate you on being self-aware enough to recognize that you need some extra support! Not every mother can get there.

They may try to take on the entire load of chores and duties on their own, leaving them overwhelmed and worn out. Rather than let yourself get to that point, seek help early on.

Let Go of Guilt



You just brought a beautiful little baby into the world for crying out loud. It would be strange not to need help right now! There is absolutely no shame in seeking assistance, at any point in life, but especially right after you just birthed an infant!

Let go of any shame you may feel for needing to ask for help. You’re not weak for not being able to handle it all by yourself.

Tell yourself you’re a good mom when you wake up every morning, chant positive affirmations, go to a therapist, call a friend, journal; do whatever you have to do to let go of shame and guilt.




Do you have any family in town? Even if it’s your third cousin that you barely know, they might be willing to pitch in and help you out. (Make sure that this person is safe before leaving your child with him or her, of course!)

Call up your mom or dad and see if they want to watch your baby for a few hours while you go grocery shopping or work out. Most of your friends and family will be delighted to help you out and play with a cute baby.

If you have family members in town, you might be able to work out a weekly routine. Hiring a sitter or a nanny can make your life a whole lot easier as well.

Support Groups



Chat with other moms about your new life as a mother. You can discuss how your life has transformed and talk about all of the adjustments you’ve made with the addition of your little one. This is a safe atmosphere where you are free to open up about your mood, daily stress, and day-to-day life changes.

If you’re feeling especially blue and overwhelmed, you might be experiencing post-partum depression. Of course you don’t want to feel this way! You think your baby is a miracle. Yet, you just can’t seem to lift your mood.

Remember, you can’t help the onset of post-partum depression.  It’s time to seek help; call a counselor, therapist, doctor, or psychiatrist.




It might be nice to talk to someone about all that you’re going through (besides your mother and best friend.) I’m talking about a licensed professional counselor. You don’t have to go to therapy to fix a problem. You can just go to talk.

If you’re not used to talking about the way you feel, this can be a great outlet. A good therapist is there to validate your self-worth and acknowledge your pain. You two can bounce around ideas for ways to make your life a bit easier.

There are therapists out there that specialize in family matters, women’s issues, and postpartum situations.




Remember, you’re not alone in feeling a little bit drained. Everyone feels overwhelmed after a big life event. Let’s face it; you’ve just had a major life change. Emotions are bound to bubble up to the surface.

That’s okay.

I applaud you for realizing the need to make a change in your life. Now it’s time to find some assistance. I hope you find what you’re looking for to make your life with your newborn a bit easier!

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