Should I Get a Midwife?

Hello mommies-to-be! Perhaps you’ve been wondering what exactly a midwife does and whether or not you should get one. Today, I am going to be discussing this subject.

Of course you want your baby to be born into this world as safely and comfortably as possible! But you don’t want to invest in something that doesn’t make sense or is not the appropriate fit. Read on.

What is a Midwife?



Midwives are trained professionals that help women with prenatal, childbirth, and post-pregnancy care. In fact, you don’t have to be pregnant to have a midwife (though most women do.) They can help with family planning, menopause and STI education.

They have medical training and can attend to you at home in addition to hospitals. Though they cannot perform C-Sections, they are trained to recognize which complications will require an obstetrician.  They spend more time one-on-one with the patient and encourage more natural approaches.

Midwives educate the family and mother on risks of surgical procedures and discuss birthing options. You can choose to have a midwife as well as an OB, though many women choose one or the other. They assist in 80% of births across the globe! 

Pros of Getting a Midwife




Getting a midwife has shown to:

  • Shorten labor
  • Reduce medical intervention
  • Increase satisfaction with breastfeeding

Let’s face it! No one wants to be in labor for hours and hours. If you can avoid a lengthy and painful labor, go for it!

Bonding with your infant over breast-feeding is so important. 

Midwives focus more on the totality of your health and well-being rather than clinical updates on the fetus. 

Midwives help with education revolving around pregnancy, post-partum issues, exercising, parenting, health, wellness, nutrition, sleep, relationship issues, breastfeeding, and relaxation techniques.

Cons of Getting a Midwife


  • They cannot perform C-Sections
  • They do not (typically) handle high-risk pregnancies
  • Some health insurance plans may not reimburse for midwife services that occur outside of hospital
  • The public may not be as familiar with midwifery and make misconceptions 




There are so many benefits of getting a midwife, but if you’re going to have a C-Section or have a high-risk pregnancy, this is not the best option for you! I hope this blog helped inform you on the function of a midwife.

So, should you get a midwife? That’s entirely up to you! Perhaps you have your answer. Whether you decide to have a midwife assist with your care or not, I hope you have the support you need during childbirth. What a special day!

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