Your Baby in the Womb

What exactly is going on down there with your developing baby? Whether you’re newly pregnant or on your third trimester, in this blog, I am going to discuss the growth of the fetus.

Can your baby feel pain yet? Does he or she have fingernails? Are they sleeping? When will they start kicking? Your doctor can also answer these questions in more detail, think of this as an introduction.

Trimester I (0-13 weeks)

Your baby’s structure and organs have developed. That’s right, your baby is becoming fully formed! Before it was an embryo, now it’s a fetus.

The nostrils and eye lenses are beginning to form. Also, the brain forms into 2 hemispheres. In an ultrasound, you’ll be able to spot the elbows and toes! 

Trimester II (13-26 week)


Ouch, was that a kick? Yep! Your baby is kicking, sucking its thumb, and moving around in your stomach. Also, it has grown fingernails at this point! If you want to know the gender of your baby, now is the time!

Your doctor can see external sex organs. Believe it or not, your baby can actually hear you singing and talking. It is in the second trimester that your baby develops the ability to feel pain. Your baby can now cry his/her own teardrops. 


Third Trimester (27-40 weeks)

Your baby’s brain is controlling his/her breathing and temperature regulation. The bones and muscles of your baby are fully shaped. The lungs are now capable of breathing air without the umbilical cord.

This is crucial information, as some babies are born prematurely. When he/she is asleep, they close their eyes. 




It’s such a miracle that there is a fully formed baby inside of your belly! Enjoy all of the nuances and phases of development, as they don’t last forever.

Knowing when your baby can breathe on their own, hear your voice, and feel pain can be extremely beneficial. You’re an awesome mom for being so curious about your baby!

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