Looking Back: 2022 Was Great with You

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As a small business, your support means the world to us - particularly over the past few years. 

The world may have changed, but our promises to you remain steadfast. We will always put you and your family first, making smart choices that make your life easier. That means we prioritize health, safety, and wellness. It means we give back to the community. It means we listen to your feedback and implement your suggestions (seriously - drop us a line anytime at hello@LouLoulollipop.com).

While these last several years have been challenging, we are heartened by everything we’ve accomplished as a community. It’s that spirit of togetherness that we take with us into the new year and what fills us with pride as we look back on the year 2022.

Here’s a look at what we’ve done as the LouLou Community this year.

Building a better future for the next generations

Taking care of our planet is incumbent upon all of us, and as parents, we want to ensure we leave a healthy Mother Earth for our children. That’s why we are working hard to reduce our environmental footprint, changing all of our plastic packaging to 100% recycled plastic, so no virgin materials are being used. We also updated all of our shipping mailers to be FSC-certified recycled paper so they can be easily recycled curbside. 

We also want you to know that we are committed to net zero by 2025. Look for a new blog post in January that will take you in-depth and behind-the-scenes into what this process has been like and what you can expect from us in 2023 as we actively work towards this important goal.

Giving back to the community

Community is everything to us - and we know it is to you, too. We are committed to building healthy communities and focusing on the well-being of everyone who comes into contact with our products. This year, as every year, we were laser-focused on finding ways to offer more sustainable, ethical, and healthy products to you and your family. This includes using silicone free from toxins like BPA and certified-organic materials like Tencel. 

For our community-building efforts, we are thrilled to share that, in November 2022, we were presented with the Mid-Size Business of the Year Award from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. We celebrated this award from our home city with our team, our families, and our local community.  At the heart of our business, we are family-owned and family-focused. Receiving recognition like this is humbling, and it is our goal to pay it forward and keep supporting our community through our give-back projects and using our platform to uplift others.

Adding more value 

We love to get your feedback and suggestions, and we take all of them very seriously. It’s through your comments that we were able to launch a brand new website this year, built to make shopping on our site easier and more rewarding. Self-serve solutions have been added to make returns faster and smoother, and we were excited to introduce Club LouLou, our exclusive rewards program community. Now you can earn 5% back on every purchase you make, allowing you to save money on future purchases. This program will continue to grow as we get more feedback from you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with suggestions!

The fact is, we can only do these things because of you, our LouLou community. 2022 was great because of all of you. We consider you part of our family, and we are so happy to have spent this year helping others with you by our side.

In December, we discovered a few new members of the LouLou Community while we were browsing Instagram - Prince Harry and his son Archie! A photo of the duo popped up on the People Magazine feed, showing Prince Harry feeding Archie while using our sushi swaddle. We are thrilled to see that they are part of the LouLou Community - they are certainly in good company alongside our wonderful customers from around the world who prioritize sustainability, safety, and comfort.

Lastly, we wanted to give you a peek at what your purchases have powered this year. For every single purchase made on our website, 1% is donated to a charity of your choice. Did you know that you can see that charitable contribution on our Community Impact page?  For each cause, you can see how much the campaign has been funded and what your donation will be doing.

The charities themselves have been chosen to represent the deep values of the LouLou Lollipop community, which include: 


MakeWay: Your donations have gotten us three-quarters of the way to funding low-emission transportation for healthy lands and water at the federal level.

Waterkeeper Alliance: You funded the removal of 4440 pounds of plastic from the ocean.

Girls’ Empowerment

PlanCanada: You funded three and a half classroom's worth of school essentials.

Food Justice

Feeding America: You funded 3100 meals for families in need.

Food Banks Canada: You funded 2200 nutritious meals for Canadians experiencing food insecurity.

Supporting Children

Save the Children: You funded 80 warm blankets for children affected by conflict.

Caring for Parents and Babies

Baby2Baby: You funded one month of diapers for 82 underserved new parents

Mamas for Mamas:  You funded 20 counselling sessions for one mother or caregiver

Thank you, LouLou Community, for an incredible year. We look forward to everything we will accomplish together in 2023

xo Angel, Eleanor and the Loulou Lollipop Team

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